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Project Oversight Services

Managing the deployment of an HR Technology platform is both a science and an art requiring organizations to take into account various criteria that would assure success.

Domain expertise in HR in conjunction with project management experience becomes a critical skill of those who manage these projects.

Xalence offers Project Oversight Services catering to small-mid-large size engagements to assist you in your journey.

Let us help you achieve a successful HR Technology Deployment.

HR Technology Product Evaluation

Investing in HR Technology change is a significant undertaking and has long term implications for the organization. It requires careful alignment of Business Direction, Vision, Processes taking into account the IT Landscape among other factors.

Xalence offers a comprehensive approach towards making the product choice that fits right in to your HR Ecosystem.

Our HR Technology Product Evaluation Services incorporate a unique blend of knowledge sharing, guidance and facilitation that makes it an ideal Launchpad for your HR Technology initiative.

Let us help you make the right choice

HR Technology Landscape Assessment

Business change is a constant and has an impact on HR Technology Platforms through the introduction of configuration, enhancements, etc. Over time these changes introduce inefficiencies leading to misalignment if not monitored.

Xalence offers a periodic assessment service that enables you to get insight into the inefficiencies that may exist in your HR Technology landscape.

Utilize our HR Technology Landscape Assessment Services and protect the ROI on your HR Technology Investments

PeopleSoft HCM Services

Oracle’s PeopleSoft HCM suite is one of the leading HR Solutions well-known for its configurability and its tools to support your organizational HR requirements.

Any ERP goes through a lifecycle: Planning-Selection-Deployment-Maintenance-Upgrade. Xalence offers services span the entire lifecycle of your PeopleSoft HCM needs. Additionally, we offer Training Services on how to maximize the value of your PeopleSoft investments.

Xalence offers services on a part-time basis as well in a wide range of areas related to the PeopleSoft HCM solution.

Utilize our PeopleSoft HCM services to maximize the return on investment on your PeopleSoft HCM platform

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Assessment Services

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About Us

Xalence Human Capital Management Solutions (Xalence), a Private Limited organization was founded in 2012 by professionals with a global exposure in Human Capital Management, HR Technology and Education.

We focus on creating a diverse set of solutions and services offerings that are meaningful to Businesses and Individuals alike.

  • Our focus on HR Technology services are aimed at helping Businesses of any size utilize a HR Technology solution that supports their HR needs
  • Our learning services are aimed at developing the workforce of a Business or an Individual.

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